What is imagination?

Response to Gregg Farley’s blog post (technology failed to allow me to post this directly on his blog)

I take time to be somewhere else and in so doing that can waken up the ‘what if’ thoughts. I sometimes go into my studio and have no idea what to do. I move things around, touch stuff, wander about and sometimes that leads me to make something or play with something. I move through the time and imagination moves with me (I think). Imagination rarely gives me a complete picture. In my case it may lead me to crocheting the next stitch, making the next mark. Stitch by stitch, mark by mark – imagination shows itself.

I think the challenge of imagination is that it is wrapped up with uncertainty and notions of something as yet unseen. The person with the imagined idea or notion or practice is often comfortable with expressing the what if – they don’t feel the need to fill in all the gaps. Those outside of imagination sometimes want to close things down quickly and don’t give the necessary time and space to let trust develop in the imagined idea and the person carrying it.  There is a translation job to be done that goes beyond words – requires a respectful silence and active listening and who know what else?


One thought on “What is imagination?

  1. I like your post here. Particularly like the whole idea of being comfortable with the uncertainty of using imagination, and, like the point about the images or ideas usually being simple. I find that to be true as well. Sorry you couldn’t post to my site, I wonder what went wrong? Kind regards, Gregg Fraley

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