Passwords to past moments

Do you find it difficult remember your on-line passwords — perhaps you have devised a system that works for you. I struggle to have a consistent system -because, I think. I am reluctant to accept that my memory is not as good as it once was. I’ve just been listening to an Opaal podcast on  memory recording for people with dementia it encourages us to engage with the uncomfortable questions of life.
So say you were to forget you. You had no memory of yourself, your character, your rituals and your habits. Scary thought? What would you want to be remembered about you? Who would you want to record it? How would you want it recorded?  Would a memory box capture your essence? How would you feel if that memory box was left in a corner somewhere and forgotten? Where would that leave you exactly? Even more bewildered and lost than you really need to be. Only a few key things about yourself might help you to reorientate yourself and calm you down. For me time in open landscape might do the trick. Maybe a chance to touch some lovely wool or taste a slice of my favourite cake. We can take responsibility now to engage with this.The podcast refers to golden nuggets -not simply to remind us of the past but to help us to engage with the present, the moment to moment. I could keep a diary of  passwords or moments to pass time meaningfully and with dignity. Others could help me – my partner – an independent advocate – a care worker. Who would you trust with your passwords and passwords to your memories – the triggers that keep you, you?

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